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Arteyfact Theatre Production - Y1 to Y6

Selected photographs from the Arteyfact Theatre Group Production, OLC School Hall, Friday 7th October 2011.

An excellent commentary on World War Two, also dealing with adoption issues, and the importance of discussing problems with parents.

Picture 1 Ration Book
Picture 2 Private Melly2
Picture 3 Private Melly1
Picture 4 Packing a case for evacuation
Picture 5 Pack Up Your Troubles
Picture 6 Our children interact
Picture 7 OLC evacuees
Picture 8 Mrs Potts talks rations
Picture 9 Mrs Johnson and Ben
Picture 10 James and Jo - the actors
Picture 11 gas panic!
Picture 12 bunting
Picture 13 Ben
Picture 14 Ben reads Amy's diary
Picture 15 3 OLC Children
Picture 16 Amy Green Mrs Johnson
Picture 17 Amy climbs stairs
Picture 18 Amy and Ben
Picture 19 All Aboard