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Before and After School Care

ACE Childcare offer before and after school care and can be contacted via Mrs Beard on 07931 644459 or 0121 700 7838.

For any enquiries regarding childcare from September 2018 (please see below), contact the school on 0121 706 9508.





The decision to bring in house the before and after school club was not taken lightly due to the excellent care that the children received to date from Ace Childcare. However with the forecasts given to the school by the Local Authority, the school will be running a deficit from this next financial year of circa £20k, 19-20 year circa £71k and 20-21 year circa £205k.
In Feb 2016 we held a meeting with Ace Childcare and explained that the school was facing very difficult times financially and that various options had been investigated. We explained one of the options was to bring the club in house at that time and reiterating this option at subsequent meetings
We are one of the last primary schools in the area to bring in house the before and after school club as the Governors decided to let the  current agreements to expire before bringing the service in house. As part of this process we have visited other schools that have already taken in house the service to help us understand and learn from their experiences.
The following are a list of Questions and answers and we will  add further questions and answers that are received over the coming weeks. The answers will also be updated as and when we know more.



Q. How are you going to make sure you keep the high quality of service?

A. Our intention is to take on the staff of ACE to keep the consistency and quality. We are currently following the TUPE regulations and we are talking with the staff concerned.


Q. Will we have places for our children?

A. All existing places will be honoured and the priority system with siblings will also continue.


Q. Will the club continue to use the porta cabin and Bethany?

A. The intention is yes. Bethany's lease is up for renewal and we are in discussions with them.

We want to provide the children with the best possible opportunities and care and as such we may also make use of rooms with in the school.


Q. When will we be able to book for September?

A. Our target is to have contracts ready for the 1st May.


Q. Will the hours remain as they are?

A. Yes they will initially. We will then consult on options available to extend the hours.


Q. Will we use the equipment that ACE has?

A. We are currently in discussions with ACE and we have carried out a walked around. We would also like to provide some new equipment for the children to use/play with.


Q. Will the ratios of staff to children be maintained?

A. Yes, we are intending to take on the staff of ACE with the same number of places thus keeping the ratios the same.


Q. Will the school maintain flexibility in places?

A. Yes and over time we hope to be able to be more flexible to meet the ever changing demands parents/carers find them selves in.


Q. Who will be the manager of the club?

A. We are currently talking with ACE and looking at what options are available.


Q. Will the quality of breakfast and snacks be maintained?

A. Yes it will.


The Children:

Q. Have the children been involved?

A. No not at this stage but we are intending a competition is run where children can come up with a name and a logo and thus involve them.



Charges and Policies:

Q. Are you going to put up the charges?

A. We are not able to confirm at this time. We are aware that ACE put prices up 2 years ago as the school put the rent up. If we were not making this change this year we would be asking ACE for more rent which in all likelihood would have been passed on in higher charges. However we are still looking at this and will try and hold the prices for this year if we can.


Q. Will the school accept vouchers?

A. Yes all valid vouchers will be able to be used. The school will use Parent Pay for any additional payments.


Q. Will we take on the ACE Policies?

A. We will review ACE's policies along side the schools and we will issue a similar booklet as ACE currently does.