Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School

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Reopening of OLC - Photos


Dear children,

These photos will help you see some of the changes that have been implemented in the school as we prepare for you to come back. All of these changes are necessary to make sure that your time in school is safe but also happy. We hope that you will find these helpful.


As arrows lead you up the path to the school gate, there are posters on the fence to remind you to maintain social distance at all times. Although you will be excited to see your friends again, it is important to remember to keep safe at all times. smiley
Red barriers are in place to separate the entrance to and the exit from the school. The path will be used as the entrance, leading to the playground gate. The other side of the barrier then acts as the exit, leading onto and down the school drive and out of the school site.
Sanitisers have been placed near the door through which you will enter the school. You will be expected to use these and the handwashing facilities regularly during the school day. 
The lockers and cloak areas will be out of use - you will be asked to hang your coats on your chairs when you get to your Bubblerooms.
The teachers will lead you to your Bubbleroom - this is Y6 Bubble 1.
Y6 Bubble 2
Y6 Bubble 4
Y1 Bubble 1
Y1 Bubble 2
If you are in Y6 Bubble 1, you will go up and down these stairs. Remember to always keep to the left - the arrows will help you to keep your distance from the friend who is in front of you and the one who is behind you.
When the weather allows, you will be able to go onto the playground for a short playtime - your teacher will show you the section of the playground allocated to your Bubble.
Should you feel poorly at any time, your teachers will take care of you and stay with you until you go home. 

We greatly look forward to welcoming you back at school in the coming days. Please remember that your teacher will be able to answer all your questions and help you get used to the different surroundings and the new routines. 

Have a good weekend - take care and stay safe. smiley