Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School

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Virtual Tour of OLC

Welcome back!

Dear children,


Over the summer holidays, we have been busy getting the school ready for you all so that we can make sure that your time in school is happy but also safe. We think that it would be a good idea for you to see some photos of what the school looks like now – we hope that you will find these helpful. We will hopefully upload some more photos on Tuesday or Wednesday so visit this space again to have a look. laugh

As you arrive at school, you will notice that the school drive is not accessible to cars anymore whilst you are in school. This is because it is being used as a point of entry and exit. You will see arrows on the ground that will guide you up to the school gate – some of you will walk up the path and some of you will walk up the drive – we will let you know which way you need to go. At the end of the day, you will all walk down the drive as you leave school.

You will also notice posters on the fence to remind you to maintain social distance at all times. Although you will be excited to see your friends again, it is important to remember to keep safe. 

Red barriers are in place to separate the entrance to school from the path, leading to the playground gate. The other side of the barrier then acts as the exit, leading onto and down the school drive and out of the school site.


Your teacher will meet you at the school gate – we are all so excited to see you!!

Before you walk into school, you will use the new handbasins that have been installed on the playground for you to wash your hands and keep them clean at all times.


There are also sanitisers and more hand basins at different points across the school - you will be expected to use these and the handwashing facilities regularly during the school day. 


Once in school, you will put your coat, hat and lunch bag in your locker or on your peg.


You will then follow you teacher to your classroom. The classrooms look very similar to each other and, although a little different to how they were before, they are still lovely!


These are some examples of what they look like now…


Foundation Stage looks a little different to the rest of the school. Here are some photos…

At the moment, you will only visit certain areas, like the Computer Suite and the Library, with your teacher.

There are also other learning areas in the school that you will also visit with you teacher for different activities …

Sometimes, you may need to visit the First Aid Room (below) if you fall over or if you hurt yourself, or the Medical Room if you are feeling poorly sad; your teachers will take care of you and stay with you until you go home. laugh

We are all so excited for you to start school again and cannot wait to see you all. Please remember that your teacher will be able to answer all your questions and help you get used to the different surroundings and the new routines. 


Have a good weekend - take care and stay safe. smiley