Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School

To live as Jesus taught us

Meet the Staff


Mr N Emery


Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs A Vella


Assistant Headteacher / SENCO:

Miss D Whitehead


Phase Leaders:

Mrs Ramsey (Upper Key Stage 2 - Years 5 and 6)

Mrs Redfern (Lower Key Stage 2 - Years 3 and 4)

Miss Whitehead (Key Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2)

Mrs Monington (Foundations Stage - FS1 (Nursery) and FS2 (Reception))


Class Teachers:

Miss Langley (FS1 - Nursery)

Mrs Monington/Mrs Haycock and Miss Shaw (FS2 - Reception)

Miss Townson (Year 1)

Miss Ryan (Year 1/2)

Mrs Kendrew and Miss Whitehead (Year 2)

Mr Dempsey (Year 3)

Mrs Redfern (Year 3/4)

Mrs Sapieha (Year 4)

Mr Brennan (Year 5)

Miss Hannah (Year 5)

Mr Johnson (Year 6)

Mrs Ramsey (Year 6)

Miss Cottrell (PPA cover)


Teaching and Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Bailey

Miss Baldock

Miss Badder

Miss Beck

Mrs Comerford 

Mrs Cooper

Mrs Donnelly

Mrs Falkiner

Mrs Hooper

Mrs Kirkland

Mrs Reddy

Mrs Smith

Mrs Taylor


Inclusion Assistant:

Mrs Flay



Mrs Moir-Andrews: (Footsteps Manager)

Mrs Attwood (Footsteps Deputy Manager)

Mrs Kearney (Footsteps Assistant Manager)

Mrs Hull (Footsteps Playworker)

Mrs Lane (Footsteps Playworker)

Mrs Reed (Footsteps Playworker)

Mr Cooper (Footsteps Playworker and Sports Coach)


Office Staff:

Mrs Donnelly (Office and Finance Manager)

Mrs Curran (Office Administrator)

Mrs Mackey (Office Administrator)


Site Manager:

Mr Crowley


Lunchtime Supervisors: 

Mrs Brannigan 

Mr Cooper (Sports Coach) 

Mrs Falkiner

Mrs Keane

Mrs Moss

Mrs O'Gorman

Mrs Sherman

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Taylor