Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School

To live as Jesus taught us

Meet the Staff


Mr N Emery


Deputy Headteacher/SENCO:

Mrs A Vella


Phase Leaders:

Mr Brennan (Upper Key Stage 2 - Years 5 and 6)

Mrs Vella (Lower Key Stage 2 - Years 3 and 4)

Mrs Redfern (Key Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2)

Mrs Monington (Foundations Stage - FS1 (Nursery) and FS2 (Reception))


Class Teachers:

Mrs Sandhu-White (FS1 - Nursery)

Mrs Monington/Mrs Haycock and Miss Bailey (FS2 - Reception)

Miss Ryan (Year 1)

Mrs Humphris (Year 1/2)

Mrs Redfern (Year 2)

Miss Cottrell/Mrs Kendrew (Year 3)

Miss Dowling (Year 3/4)

Mrs Freeman (Year 4)

Miss Hannah (Year 5)

Miss Chick (Year 5/6)

Mr Brennan (Year 6)


Teaching and Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Attwood

Mrs Bailey

Miss Baldock

Miss Badder

Mrs Comerford 

Mrs Cooper

Mrs Falkiner

Mrs Gibbons

Mrs Holden

Mrs Hull

Mrs Kirkland

Miss Moir

Mrs Smith


Pastoral Assistant:

Mrs Silverwood



Miss Moir (Footsteps Manager)

Mrs Attwood (Footsteps Deputy Manager)

Mrs Kearney (Footsteps Assistant Manager)

Mrs Hull (Footsteps Playworker)

Mrs Lane (Footsteps Playworker)

Mrs Reed (Footsteps Playworker)


Office Staff:

Mrs Donnelly (Office and Finance Manager)

Mrs Ahmed (Office Administrator)

Miss Silanicova (Administrative Officer)


Site Manager:

Mr Gillard


Lunchtime Supervisors: 

Mrs Chowdury

Mrs Martinez

Mrs Zia