Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School

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Thank you to all the parents who have submitted their response to the ‘Family access to technology’ survey – we greatly appreciate your help with this, and we will consider your responses in our plans to support the children’s learning.


We are currently preparing for different situations when remote learning will be vital​ to the continued learning experience of the children, to ensure their continued progress. As infections rates across the country continue to rise, children may now experience more bouts of home-learning:

  • children may be off school for an individual day due to a medical appointment,
  • children may be poorly with an illness not related to Covid-19​,
  • children may need to self-isolate,
  • children may be part of a whole class that may be required to self-isolate due to a confirmed case​,
  • whole school closure ​may be necessary at some point,
  • lockdown​ may be reinstated as a last resort.


It is important for us as a school, to ensure that processes are in place for the children to continue on their learning journey should any of the above situations happen. ​ For this reason, we are now implementing the following:

  • OLC Rainbow Plans are being uploaded onto the website and are accessible to parents​ to support them in engaging their children in home-learning, should they be off school for any of the reasons identified above;
  • The OLC Rainbow Plans will be accessible within this section of the website;
  •  All classes now have an individual email address - this will support teachers in providing regular feedback to the children on the samples of work sent into school by email whilst they are remote learning, enabling the teachers to monitor the children’s progress and engagement.


(Please remember that all other queries will need to be sent through the office email ( – it will not be possible for the class teacher to reply, through the class email, to individual queries relating to issues other than the children’s remote learning.)


We hope that you will find the plans useful and supportive of your child’s learning when unable to attend school, and helpful in enabling them to participate in home-learning.




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